Budgeting: Tips

Dear Fashionable Friend, Today we’re talking budgeting. It starts with adjusting your mindset, fully assessing your current situation and creating a strategy. How do you do this? By keeping your expenses low, automating as much as you can and staying focused! You are guaranteed to see results over time with patience and dedication. I have…

FALLing Into Happiness

Eudaimonia: Lit “Human flourishing”: a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. 🖤

A note from Age.

I just wanted to share a little something on my heart to remind you to keep going, darling!


Super affordable Espadrilles.. FROM TARGET ❤️

You Glow Girl!

Have you taken a moment to celebrate yourself lately?!

Dress Life

Dear Fashionable Friends, I’m always in and out – I know! I’m working on consistency, BUT LIFE. It’s not hard to say what I own most of — dresses. I am a sucker for a good sale and an even bigger sucker for an easy dress. I recently moved (still oh so excited about my…

Three Dog Bakery x Style Ageless

You had me at Merlot ♥ Dear Fashionable Friends, You’re in for a treat! (My Dallas babes) We’ve gotten a little birthday happy thanks to Three Dog Bakery! For our small cake, we went with a peanut flavored bone shape design! The personalization is my favorite. (Can’t you tell Merlot loves it?!) June 24th 2017…